Behind every good business,is a great accountant”-Warren Buffet

Our services include helping SMEs, NGOs, political parties,associations and Start-up businesses,etc, keep up to date accounting records, in accordance with best practices and international financial reporting standards. So where ever your business is located across the world,take it to the next level,by engaging our professional services,which are available mostly virtually,online.

What we do for you:

1. Book keeping and accountancy services

  • We create and maintain your Property,Plant and Equipment(Fixed Asset) register.
  • We ensure proper safe keeping of your income invoices and expenditure vouchers.
  • Ensure an appropriate and well managed computerised accounting system.
  • Accurate recording and posting of your business daily transactions into the appropriate accounting ledgers.
  • Prepare your monthly and annual financial statements/reports.
  • Revenue assurance services,to ensure that all revenues are captured and no income leakages.We also advise on how to expand your revenue base.
  • Cost management services to ensure value for money for every local or foreign currency spent .We also track unnecessary,outrageous or fraudulent costs,internally or externally,such as bank charges.
  • Prompt preparation and submission of statutory returns to the relevant federal or state authorities.
  • Carry out a monthly and comprehensive business performance review and advisory.

2. You need an audited account/ financial statement?

We have the license to audit your financials,online or offline and produce your audited accounts/financial statements within few days.We express our audit opinion,in accordance with best local and international best practices and regulations

3. Tax compliance and payroll services

  • We ensure prompt preparation and submission of your monthly personal income or annual corporate tax returns.
  • Tax clearance certificate processing and procurement.
  • Deploy a robust technology,appropriate for all your pay roll activities.
  • VAT(Value Added Tax) and Withholding Tax registration and compliance .
  • Self-Assessment Tax returns for business owners, partners and directors.

4. Other services

  • NSITF,Pension scheme, registration and compliance.

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