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February 3-4,2024

11AM-3.30PM GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

Course Overview

Cash is the lifeline of any business. Thus, a sustainable positive net cash flow position, is of utmost necessity, to checkmate any business failure. Having an efficient and effective cash management system in place, is a major challenge to most businesses.

Cash management is particularly important for new and growing businesses. Cash flow can be a problem even when a small business has numerous clients or customers, offers a product superior to that offered by its competitors, and enjoys a sterling reputation in its industry. Companies or businesses suffering from cash flow problems have no margin of safety in case of unanticipated expenses. They may also experience challenges in funding for expansion or innovation . Also, poor cash flow makes it difficult to hire and retain good employees.

Another essence of proper cash management is that of cash safety and security. It is important to properly handle cash and guard it against fire, theft ,pilferage and other negativities.. How this is achieved, is part of cash management activities.

This practical course, teaches entrepreneurs, cash officers, and managers, how to effectively and efficiently manage cash and cash flow, including cash safety and security, such that their business would never run out of cash .

Course Agenda/Objectives

In this course, you will learn the following:

  • Cash management basics
  • Cash management models
  • Cash budgeting
  • Cash rules and principles
  • How to understand, analyse and interpret your company’s cash flow statement

Participants will be issued certificate of successful completion and accomplishment, from Deeno Business Academy.

For Whom?

Entrepreneurs, cash officers and managers

Course Fee

NAIRA 38,500 19,500 (Includes certification from Deeno Business Academy )

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